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Warrior USA 2017 Pellets HP370617

Humle fra USA, alfasyre 13,4 %

Best før 31.08.2020


Aroma: Rosin, Furu

Warrior Hops is a strong bittering variety. With an alpha acid content of 14.5%-17.0%, Warrior is going to be an excellent bite to any beer needing a strong bitter foundation, especially considering its relatively low co-humulone content at 22.0%-26.0%. As you might expect, this variety comes with a high myrcene oil content. The rest of the oils are in moderate range, with farnesene barely hitting the radar. Warrior Hops is known for its mild aroma. You will mostly find it in strong ales....and although predominately used in American Craft breweries, Warrior can be found in commercial recipes around the this little planet. 

Warrior Hops is a product from Yakima Chief Ranches in Washington State in the Northwest United States. Its pedigree and release date must be privileged information, unfortunately, but its character and demand speaks for itself. It is a bold hops variety, and a sign of the times.  

Warrior Hops is a vigorous growing variety and churns out 2400-2600 lbs/acre. The medium size cones produce bright yellow lupulin, and are harvested mid-season. NuggetColumbus, as well as Hallertauer Magnum Hops can be used as substitutes.

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