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Summit 2018 USA, alfasyre 15,3 %

Karakteristikker: Pepper, Hvitløk, Anis, Stikkelsbær, Røkelse

Summit™ is a dwarf high alpha variety bred by the American Dwarf Hop Association and released in 2003. This hop variety has an unusually high alpha acid content, excellent storage stability and powdery mildew resistance.

The original Nugget seeds were from a commercial hop field in Harrah, Washington. Summit is asemi-dwarf variety, and the following years after 2000 brought growing trials to prove Summit's worth in yield, brewing character and resistance to disease and fungus.

Summit Hops is at the top of the Super Alpha varieties chain with an alpha acid content of 16.0%-18.0%. BAM!!! It has a 6:1 alpha beta ratio and also carries a relatively high co-humulone content at 26.0%-33.0%. Summit is often found in India Pale Ales, mainly in the United States, and its easy to see why. Aside from its bittering qualities of this hops, this variety also has strong aromatic qualities which are truly citrus; having notes of tangerine, orange, and grapefruit. It has a relatively high overall oil content at 1.5-2.5 mls/100 grams, and perhaps this helps to describe the strong aroma. The oils are all in average ranges with the exception of farnesene oil which barely registers.

Summit Hops is the first dwarf originating from the United States, and is the only low trellis hops in the Yakima Valley. Summit requires hand picking due to the lack of machinery and takes a lot of work as the yield is very high at 2200-2700 lbs/acre. This variety is susceptible to downy mildew, yet tolerant to powdery mildew and verticillium wilt. Summit also stores very well maintaining 85% of its alpha acids after 6 months of storage at 20 degrees C. It is a new variety but already has the attention of brewers, mostly from the United States at this time.

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