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1 KG BREWERS GOLD BE/D 2016 7054816
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1 KG BREWERS GOLD BE/D 2016, Alfasyre 4%

Universal bitterhumle. Har en stram bittersmak.

Brewer's Gold is an old man in the history of modern brewing. While its character isn't exactly celebrated by an abundant amount of commercial beers, it's legacy lives on in many other ways. Due to its moderate alpha acid content, high yield, and vigorous growth it has been used in the cultivation and production of newer varieties. Brewer's Gold Hops has helped make some excellent varieties shown below:


Brewer's Gold is primarily a bittering agent and commonly used in lighter style ales, although it works well in lager beers as well. This USDA variety accession number 19001 hops, has a moderate alpha acid rating at 5.5% - 7.8%. Brewer's Gold also carries a relatively high overall oil make up including high levels of Myrcene (37% - 40%), Humulene (29% - 31%), andCaryophyllene (37% - 40%) oils.

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