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Sulfitt (Potassium Sulfite) Campden TA3005
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Sulfitt (Potassium Sulfite) Campden

Inneholder Potassium Metabisulfit E224 (K2S2O5). 

Brukes til å hindre Oksidering av øl(vin). Dreper også vill gjær i frukt og stopper gjæringsprosessen.

Dosering for å sterilisere vørter/vin: 0,1 gram pr liter.

Dosering for å sterilisere utstyr: 0,1-0,2 gram pr liter (pluss Sitronsyre (Citric acid) 0,5 gram pr liter).

NB ! Når du desifiserer utsyr, alltid bruk Sulfitt i kombinasjon med en Syre.




We hereby confirm and guarantee that the quality of the following goods meet EEC standards of quality. The goods have been manufactured from the highest quality raw materials and are fit for food processing use. They have been laboratory controlled for pureness and quality.

The product is admitted as an additive under the current European legislation regarding the treatment of fruit juices and wines.

Product name: Vinoferm Campden

Description: Pure potassium disuplhite E224 for the sulphuring of mash, must, wine and fruit wine and for disinfecting materials used in wineries. For food limited use.

Ingredients: Potassium disulphite (K2S2O5)

Appearance: white crystalline powder

Dosage/Use: The addition of 10 g / 100 l gives a SO2 addition of 50 mg / l.

For mash: 5 – 15 g / 100 kg of mash depending on contamination risks (damaged fruit).

For wine: 10 – 15 g / 100 l of wine, to be added after the first racking. The total admitted amount of SO2 in wine has to be monitored

Storage conditions: to be stored in a cool (< 15°C) and dry place,

TO BE KEPT AWAY FROM CHILDREN. IRRITANT : irritating to eyes and respiratory system. In case of contact with acid, poisonous gas is generated. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Close immediately after usage.

Once opened, the product must preferentially be kept cool and be used within a few days.


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