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Isinglass Flytende 100 ml 5015A
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Isinglass Flytende 100 ml

Universell og naturlig klaring for øl, vine og juice. Kan brukes i lave temperaturer.

Dosering 2-5 ml / 10 l

Leverandøren sier generelt om klarning:

How do I know what fining agent to use? 

One of the most convenient methods and still one of the best is trial and error: take a number of samples from the wine to be fined and put them in test-tubes. Add a few ml or grams of a different fining agent to each test-tube. Another test-tube of wine/juice with pectoenzyme and one with alpha-amylase (in starch-rich fruit) are helpful. Leave to clear for a few hours and you will see immediately which fining agent gives the best result!

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