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Great Engineering BenchMATE L4556222
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Great Engineering BenchMATE Diameters 55mm(2 1/4″) and above 

Produseres av Great Engineering i Australia.

Maskinene er garantert de beste du finner på markedet.


The low cost and high quality option for small businesses. The BenchMATE manual labeler is the perfect way to get labeling quickly and easily. As your business grows these manual labelers will never let you down. When it comes time to increase production you can take advantage of Great Engineering’s generous trade-in offer. 

If you are starting a business or you have short run labeling needs then we suggest you start with the BenchMATE Manual Labeler.

The BenchMATE will apply a single label or a front and back label professionally to all round products above 55mm(2 1/4″) in diameter.

The BenchMATE manual labeler is engineered to face the harsh environment of all production lines. We are so confident in its construction that when the time comes for you to upgrade to one of our electric models, we will trade in your BenchMATE for 80% of your purchase price.


Maskinen lages i flere versjoner.

Her er en video med Peter O'Brian hvor han forklarer hvordan dette virker, se her.

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BenchMARK, priset fra €4.330,-  

BenchMAX, priset fra €7.060,-

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