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Gjærlås Duplex 0 7104B
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Airlock Duplex 

Cylindrical model of excellent quality. Easy to clean. Obligatory for larger barrels. 

Type DP-0   
For barrel up to 60 l 

Ø x H:  4 cm x 12,5 cm 

For 9 mm hole

Hva gjør en Gjærlås?

FILLING THE AIRLOCK WITH A LITTLE WATER makes it act as a kind of siphon, keeping the beer or wine away from the outside air. No outside bacteria can get in, but because of the excess pressure, the carbon dioxide formed during fermentation will be able to escape through the airlock. Twin-bubble airlocks are the cheapest but are harder to clean than the cylindrical versions. With volumes of 50 l or more, it's necessary to use a cylindrical airlock. The water in the airlock can evaporate and regular checking and topping up is necessary. If required, the airlock can be filled with a sulphite solution instead of ordinary water. Do this by mixing a pinch of sulphite and citric acid in a cup of water.

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