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FastLabel beer label sleeves - 330 ml - 70 stk 14462243
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FastLabel beer label sleeves - 330 ml - 70 stk


Den billigste og kjappeste måten å sette etiketter på dine flasker.

  • no more soaking and scrubbing
  • no more expensive labels
  • non-adhesive
  • easy and affordable

Note: this sleeve is not suitable for beer bottle ‘Steinie’; for Steinies we recommend the FastLabel beer & wine label sleeves 750 ml (Item No.: 060.001.5).


  1. Getting started. 
    Print and cut your own designs on any type of paper.
  2. Place bottle in sleeve and slide label between the sleeve and the bottle. 
    Use a pointy object to help position in the label evenly.
  3. Shrink the sleeve to the bottle. 
    Dip in hot water for ½ second. Make sure the pot is tall enough to be able to fit the bottle in it past the label sleeve. Dip the bottle in standing up. Use second hand to hold the top of the label sleeve so it does not slide down and shrink around the bottom of the bottle. You can also apply heat with a blow dryer or heat source. The label sleeves shrink up to 45% of their size at around 95-120°C. The heat will not affect your brew or wine.
  4. Wipe excess water. 
    Dab the outside of the sleeve to remove excess water. Safe to the touch.
  5. Trim excess sleeve material. 
    Use a blade or sharp scissors to trim excess label sleeve (optional).
  6. The best part: enjoy your brew or wine with friends!
  7. Remove the sleeve in seconds with zero residue. 
    When ready to switch labels, cut the sleeve off with a blade or sharp scissors. No soaking, no scrubbing.
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