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1 KG CHINOOK USA 2016 706416

1 kg Chinook USA 2016

Humle med høy alfasyre og veldig sterk karakter av Grapefrukt.

Origin and Description

Chinook Hops was a child of the 1980's, introduced the same year as Rocky IV (Rocky vs. Ivan Drago) 1985. The USDA crossed Petham Golding with USDA 63102 variety and out came this craft brewer's delight.

Chinook Hops will add 12%-14% alpha acid content to your hops schedule. It is a dual purpose alpha variety, and is good for the beginning of the boil, or mid-additions in brewing. Chinook is popular in American style beers such as Pale Ale and India Pale ale, but extends itself well to Seasonal Ales, and darker beers including Porter, Stout, and Barley Wines. It has a heavy aroma, and somewhat spicy bouquet. Some piney and herbal notes will be evident in a fresh batch.

Chinook is middle of the road for its harvest yields, and produces medium compact cones. It features some resistance to common diseases, however is susceptible to Powdery Mildew. Chinook is more widely used in the US and is a part of some very compelling commercial beers.

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