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Simcoe US Pellets 2016 - 5 kilo 70502016
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Simcoe US Pellets 2016 - 5 kilo

Kan brukes til både Bittring og Aroma, men passer aller best til bittring. Sitrusaktig.

Simcoe is a bittering/Aroma type cultivar bred by Yakima Chief Ranches first released in 2000. Simcoe is a unique American hybrid. Although it is primarily a bittering hop, it’s clean, pine-like aroma and a taste with a slight hint of citrus. It is less astringent than other pine-like hops and has been highly sought after to make distinctive and unique Pale Ales and American Ales. Simcoe’s flavor is believed superior due to low cohumulone levels. Alpha acids range from 12 -14%.

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