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Tannoblanc 100 gram TA3005
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Tannoblanc 100 gram

Tannin sammensetning, spesielt brukt i Hvite viner. Har veldig god antioxidant egenskaper og en fremhevende effekt.Dosering: 0,5-1 gram pr 10 liter.


How do I know which fining agent to use? 
One of the most convenient methods, and still one of the best, is trial and error: take a number of samples from the wine to be fined and put them in test tubes. Add a few ml or grams of a different fining agent to each test tube. Another test tube of wine/juice with pecto enzyme and one with alpha-amylase (in starch rich fruit) are helpful. Leave to clear for a few hours and you will immediately see which fining agent gives the best result!

Vinoferm Tannoblanc

We hereby confirm and guarantee that the quality of the following goods meet EEC standards of quality. The goods have been manufactured from the highest quality raw materials and are fit for food processing use. They have been laboratory controlled for pureness and quality.

The product is admitted as an additive under the current European legislation regarding the treatment of fruit juices and wines.

Product name: Vinoferm Tannoblanc

Description: Natural tannic acid from botanical origin for beverage treatment. Used for stabilisation, clarification and taste improvement of beer, wine and fruit juices.

Ingredients: Natural chestnut and gallic tannin. Contains 75% pure tannin.

Appearance: Yellowish fine powder

Dosage: White wine: 2-10 g/100 L

A pre-test is recommended. Also in case of subsequent treatments with protein containing clarifiers, e.g. isinglass or gelatin, pre-tests should be carried out first to determine the degree of clarification and possible influences on the flavour.

Application: Tannoblanc is applied in the young wine, preferably after the frist racking and after completed malo-lactic fermentation. If required, later treatments are also possible. Tannoblanc is added directly to the wine. It can be dissolved in some water and is then added to the total quantity of wine. Mix thoroughly. Low oxygenation in the course of addition promotes the effect of the product.

Storage: Store Tannoblanc in a light-protected place and protect from influences of moisture and foreign odours. Reseal opened packagings immediately and tightly.

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