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Nutrivit Gjærnæring 5H0065
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Nutrivit gjærnæring

En spesialblanding av gjærnæring, vitaminer (f.eks B1), mineraler og micronæringsstoffer i en ideell kombinasjon. Perfekt for en jevn gjæring av vin (og øl).

Dosering 0,5-1 gram pr 10 liter. 

NB ! Alltid tilsett næringsstoffer FØR gjær.

We hereby confirm and guarantee that the quality of the following goods meet EEC standards of quality. The goods have been manufactured from the highest quality raw materials and are fit for food processing use. They have been laboratory controlled for pureness and quality. The product is admitted as an additive under the current European legislation regarding the treatment of fruit juices and wines.

Product name Vinoferm Nutrivit

Description Complex preparation of yeast nutrients, vitamins and minerals for a well balanced yeast nutrition, ensuring a complete and sound fermentation of wines. For food limited use.

Ingredients Diammoniumphosphate, ammoniumsulphate, potassiumphosphate, potassiumcaseinate, magnesiumsulphate, vitamin B1

Appearance Crystalline powder, broken-white colour

Available packings 100 g box, 1 kg sachets

Dosage According to EU regulations, the maximum allowed dosage is 5 g / 10 litres of wine.

Use Add Nutrivit before the yeast is added. Dissolve in a small quantity of water or wine before adding to the tank. Mix well after addition.

Storage conditions cool

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