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Castle Malting Bokhvete EBC 4 - 15 BW104317
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Castle Malting Bokhvete EBC 4 - 15

Bokhvete (Buckwheat) er glutenfritt.


Parameter Unit Min Max
Moisture %   8.0
Extract (dry basis) % 65.3  
Wort color EBC(Lov.) 4.0 (2.1) 15.0 (6.2)
Total protein %   11.0
Malted from buckwheat, a pseudo-cereal*, Château Buckwheat malt is used to produce gluten-free beer. Château Buckwheat malt may contain traces of other malt grains containing gluten. *Pseudocereals are broadleaf plants (non-grasses) that are used in much the same way as cereals (true cereals are grasses). Their seed can be ground into flour and otherwise used as cereals. Examples of pseudocereals are amaranth, quinoa, and buckwheat.
Château Buckwheat malt is used in the production of gluten-free beer. Adds a particular nutty and malty flavor to your beer. It also can be used in specialty beers to render a rich and deep tone. NB! Buckwheat malt has no diastatic power.
Any type of gluten-free beer; 50 –100 % of the mix
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Castle Malting

Castle Malting

Castle Malting® offers you a wide range of base and specialty malts of the highest quality, allowing you to brew any beer style - from Pilsen to White, the darkest Abbey and various organic beers. 

Belgian malts offer quality and performance profiles that differ markedly from malts produced anywhere else. They have unique characteristics in terms of flavour, clarity of wort, colour, yield and other parameters.

The unique properties of Belgian malts are essential to all famous Belgian beers just as much as their unique brewing processes.

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