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Camurri Brauer - CB50 C59897
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Camurri Brauer - CB50

Leveres for tiden kun direkte fra fabrikk.

Leveringstiden er ca 2 uker. Frakt kommer i tillegg ( ca 300 € ).

Her ser du en film om brygging på anlegget.

Italienske Camurri's helt nye CB-50 er ett helautomatisk bryggeri på 70L (total volume 90 L) , med omrører og programerbar digitalkontroll. Praktisk og lett å bruke, CAMURRI Brauer (Camurri's patent) hjelper deg med å brygge godt øl, med hjelp av naturlige ingredienser ogdet oppskriften du selv ønsker.

Laget i rustfritt stål (18/10(AISI 304), og utstyrt med en PLC-regulator som hjelper till med å kontrollere, regulere og programmere de temperaturer for din oppskrift. PLC-regulatoren har plass för 4 oppskrifter med 3 meskesteg i hver oppskrift. Omrøreren som drives av motoren som er plassert i den nedre delen, tar hand om omrørningen for å få en korrekt og jevn temperatur i hele mesken. Takket være Camurri's patenterte system så får du bedre utbytte fra malten enn med andre sammenlignbare automatiske bryggemaskiner, omrøreren garanterer en sikrere drift uten stopp.

Utstyrt med to praktiske handtag for sikker forflyttning når du f.ex skal sette den bort etter brygging, eller flytte den frem for brygging, noe som gjør anlegget anlegget kompakt for et stort bryggevolume. Den forholdsmessige lave vekten (23 kg) gjør den enkel å flytte.

Dette er en god løsning for små bryggerier, hjemmebryggere, puber, skoler og cateringfirmaer og for større bryggerier som trenger å prøvebrygge sine brygg før de skaleres opp.

Minste bryggevolym: ca 20 L
Max kapasitet: ca 60 L eller 80 L "normal" øl om man vil spe ut brygget etter kok
Max maltmengde: ca 17,5 kg med 3L vatten / kg malt
Diameter: 595 mm
Høyde: 870 mm
Totalt volume: 90 L
Drift: 230 V 
Effekt: 3 kW, krever 16 A sikring
Vikt: 23 kg

CAMURRI BRAUER mod. CB.23-50 INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION, USE AND MAINTENANCE • INTRODUCTION Dear customer, congratulations! By purchasing the CAMURRI BRAUER (CB.23-50) you have made an excellent choice. You have chosen a unique machine capable of preparing a good handcrafted bier, health food products and for alimentary factories in general. Our CB. will become an irreplaceable tool fulfilling every service requirement. Read the «Instructions for Installation, Use and Maintenance» carefully and CB.23-50 will give both you and your clients lasting satisfaction. • DESCRIPTION The CB.23-50 consists of a cylindrical central part. In the lower part, in the base, the auxiliary controls and the electrical system are inserted, while in the upper part, the container hosts the mixer (36) and the gasket (37), both extractables, a faucet (24) and a cover (2). Included with the machine inside the special custom box you will find: - The instruction manual; - Cleaning kit consisting of a brush (code 050G0435); - a Basket support; Check that nothing is missing and that there is no damage to the machine and packaging. In case of missing or damaged parts immediately contact the dealer, before any installation. • SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1. Before connecting the CB.23-50 carefully check that the mains socket is equipped with an efficient earth connection. 2. Check that the power supply and the availability for absorption matches that indicated on the label on the back of serial equipment. 3. Prevent the machine from being used by children or unauthorized personnel and who has not read this book. 4. Do not immerse the machine or to direct jets of water on it, not even for cleaning. Do not operate the machine and / or provide power even if it is wet only on the outside 5. The improper use of other ingredients (e.g. oil), not specified in the "Instructions for installation, operation and maintenance", it is dangerous to both the functionality of the machine operator. 6. During the standard work of the machine, some external surfaces (ex. The external container, the cover) join high temperatures. Please, during this period, avoid the skin contact of these parts. 7. During the standard work of the machine, the level of the acoustic continuous pressure (Ponder A) of CAMURRI BRAUER does not join a significant value, for sure it is lower than 70 dB (A). 9/30 I – UCB2350 - UT rev.1 8. In order to guarantee the alimentary product treatment following the effective laws, we recommend to empty and clean the machine after the end of every work cycle and before a new cycle (after a long inactive period). 9. Your CB.23-50 was developed in our factory and it was made a complete final testing. If you have any warranty work will therefore need to contact us directly or our local dealer. Otherwise, the warranty becomes void. The use of original spare parts is essential for the proper operation and long lasting equipment. The use of parts with similar materials not tested by the manufacturer will void any warranty. 11.The manufacturer declines any responsibility for the damage caused by misuse and failure to follow instructions given on the "Instructions for installation, operation and maintenance" and "Warranty". 12. • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Provide a mains power socket suitable for the voltage of the equipment. Check that the switches are not inserted. Is so, the customer risk the heating element fusion. Connect the cable to the socket. Remove the cover ( 2 ) , Housing filter ( 66 ) inside the container , making sure it is in the proper seat for both models and stop it with the Filter Lock ( 49 ) and put the water inside the equipment required for the production to be performed. Put again the cover (2) and insert the switch “ON PLC” (10) for the lighting. Use the PLC (12) to check the recipe to use and for other updates of the unit, please read the instructions referred to the Millenium programmation, here below. Insert the switch Production (8), check that the recipe which is displayed on the PLC (12) is the same you want to produce, if not, press OK and program all the phases with the navigation switches +/- and confirm with OK . Insert the switch PUSH (9) to activate the work cycle and the switch MIXER (11) to permit an homogeneous distribution of the temperature inside the container. The control light Heating Element (28), above the PLC, signals the lighting and the switching off of the heating elements. The heating will be automatically controlled by the PLC, following the programmed recipe. • INSTRUCTIONS FOR PROGRAMMING MILLENNIUM In order to act on the PLC using power in the CB.23-50. Caution performing incorrect operations not specified in these instructions, you can delete all the stored program. Your equipment is arranged a Millenium III programmed with software Camurri, already set so as to 10/30 I – UCB2350 - UT rev.1 obtain 4 recipes consist of three phases each, which control the production cycles for the obtaining of fermented beverages such as beer. And possible to act on the PLC to set the time and temperature requirements other than those set by the manufacturer. To choose the recipe is to select, press the A or B until the selection of the desired recipe. 1. Once placed on the recipe you want, press OK 2. If you want to proceed with production instructions see use and maintenance to start the selected program. 3. If you want to proceed with the change of time or temperature, proceed with selecting the navigation keys + / - to change the pitch (the value to be changed will be highlighted in black) and press OK button . With the navigation keys + / - to bring the data to the desired value and press the OK button to confirm the changes made. Do the same for all the values that you want to edit. Once you are finished making changes to boot from. In the PLC mounted on CB.23-50 is programmed only one recipe ‘RECIPE 1’, which includes the following programming data: TEMPERATURE (°C) TIME (minutes) PHASE 1 64° 90 PHASE 2 75° 5 PHASE 3 98° 70 The time programming is expressed in minutes and the temperature one in Celsius degrees. The temperature parameters set are considered with an atmospheric pressure of 1 bar. The PLC and with 4 recipes, which include 3 phases each. If you need to get more recipes with 3 phase, simply set the consecutive steps in the recipe, ensuring the progression of temperatures • MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING Keeping your CB.23-50 in perfect condition guarantees efficient performance and prolongs the lifetime of the unit. You have to clean the unit at the end of each work cycle and the faucet too. To do that, take apart the faucet, unscrewing the superior part, extracting and cleaning the gasket; then, insert large brush provided (equipped with crest) into the extension of the delivery unit, externally and internally, both outside and inside the container, so as to clean the extension thoroughly. 11/30 I – UCB2350 - UT rev.1 • REQUIREMENTS If the power cord is damaged it must be replaced by one of our authorized service centre. To clean the outside "CB.23-50" you need to: • Disconnect the power connection before performing any maneuver; • Do not remove or damage the stickers on the equipment standard applied; • Do not use solvents, use only water and / or products suitable for stainless steel and openly admitted for routine cleaning of containers for food products, in the manner prescribed for them; • Use a soft cloth moistened; • Do not immerse the machine in water; • Do not use water jet pressure; • Do not regulate the temperature in its maximum heating values with temperatures > 98°C. If some water or any other liquid would exit from the unit, in an abnormal way, switch it off and disconnect the electric connection. Once cooled down, dry it and contact our technical centre. Use the equipment only for the purpose for which it was conceived, any other use is considered dangerous and the manufacturer can not be held responsible for any damage caused. REGULATIONS: European Directives 2002/95/EC, 2002/96/EC and subsequent amendments a) It is forbidden to dispose of the equipment as urban waste. b) Waste must be disposed of by authorised collection centres, specifically indicated by the manufacturer, or by the distributor when purchasing new equipment. c) Improper use of the equipment, its parts or inappropriate disposal could have negative effects on the environment and on people’s health. d) The symbol on the equipment means it must be disposed of separately from ordinary urban waste. e) Improper disposal of waste materials deriving from discarded equipment is punishable according to local law. TECHNICAL DATA The technical data and characteristics are not binding. Messrs. CAMURRI BREVETTI S.r.l. reserve the right to change them at any time without notice or indemnity of any kind. Model VERSION CODE DIMENSION (L x P x H) NET WEIGHT ALIMENTATION POWER ABSORBTION CB. 23 Inox 18/10 E010CB023 320 x 420 x 640 mm 17 kg 230 V ~ 1,5 kW CB.50 Inox 18/10 E010CB050 580 x 595 x 880 mm 27 kg 230 V ~ 3 kW 12/30 I – UCB2350 - UT rev.1 RECIPE FOR THE PREPARATION OF THE HANDCRAFTED BEER BASIC RECIPE FOR 50 LITRES 10 kg PALE ALE malt 1 kg CRYSTAL malt 40 lt. water 200 gr. GOLDING HOP Two bags YEAST S-04 (11,5 g each) 280 gr sugar HOW TO PREPARE IT Insert the necessary water inside the unit for the production of the desired recipe. Turn switch "ON PLC" (10) for the 'ignition switch' equipment. Switch on Production (8) and check that the Recipe 1 set by the manufacturer is as indicated in the instructions for programming Millennium. Insert the PUSH button (9) to activate the work cycle and the switch MIXER (11). After reaching the set temperature in the first step (saccharification), turn off the mixer (11), remove the cover (2), remove the blade (36), insert the previously milled malt into the basket (37), put it up into of the container (make sure it is in the seat). Replace the blade (36), cover (2) and then proceed with the lighting of the mixer (11). The apparatus will maintain the set temperature for all the time indicated in the first step automatically. The operator can control the display of the PLC (12) the progress of production and the corresponding stage of advancement. The device automatically switches from the first to the second step (mash out), the set temperature is reached in this step, turn off the mixer (11), remove the cover (2), remove the blade (36), raise the basket (37 ), insert the central pipe for supporting the handle of the basket and stay in the seat locking it, if necessary washing of grains and their subsequent removal. Provide for the subsequent removal of the spent grain by extracting the basket (37) from the container. The light Step Work (29) placed over the PLC comes on to signal the reachment of the last phase (boiling). The light Step Work (29) will stay on for the entire process of boiling. During this third step (boiling) is added to the filter containing the hops and proceed to the subsequent stages of production. Once ended the boiling time, provide for the cooling. Achieved the 22/24° to extract the drink from CB.23-50, filter inside a special vat and insert yeasts previously rehydrated in hot water for 10 minutes. The fermentation should be at least 2 weeks at a temperature of 22/24 ° after which sugar is added previously melted with a little 'liquid obtained. At the end bottle and let stand for at least three weeks 


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