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Bravo USA 2015 Pellets 5 kilo 15564157

Bravo USA 2015 Pellets 5 kilo

Humle fra USA, Alfasyre 16,6%

Origin and Description

Bravo Hops is a super alpha new-comer to the world of brewing. Roger Jeske used open pollination techniques during 2000, using Zues hops, and this Powdery Mildew resistant variety came to life.

Bravo Hops is makes an excellent bittering hops in brewing beer with an alpha acid rating of 14%-17%. It is also known for its fruit and floral aroma, making it ideal for American Style Pale Ales, or India Pale Ales. Bravo is going to work well with Imperial Reds as well, or any beer needing some kick to it.

Bravo hops is also a very high yielding plant at 2700-3100 lbs./acre. It also has decent storage capabilities. If you have not tried Bravo yet in your homebrew or commercial beer, get your hands on some and give it a try...

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