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Bobek SL Pellets 2017 Pellets 7054417
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Bobek SL Pellets 2017 Pellets

Best før 31.08.2020

Slovensk humle, alfasyre 3,3%. Pellets T90

Bobek has an intense and pleasant hoppy aroma. It contains 3.5 - 7 % of α - acids (28 - 34 % of cohumulone). The ratio between α - and β - acids is about 1. The essential oil content varies from 0.7 to 4.0 % of dry hops. The ratio between α - humulene and β - caryophyllene in the essential oil is about 3. Bobek has a good storage stability. Beer prepared with this variety has good organoleptical scores for its bitterness and aroma. It is worth mentioning that among all the hop varieties in Slovenia this one has the highest content of β -acids.

A world-renowned mild, excellent, coupelet with moderate bitterness, widespread usage in both ale and lager brewing. 

Typicla beer styles: English style Ale, ESB, Lager, Pilsner

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